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Visits to see MyBnk charity in action - May/June 2016

Visits to see MyBnk charity in action

Members have often asked about the opportunities to see our main charity MyBnk in action. We have been offered some dates to attend at school classes to see them in action and this will be the final opportunity to do so before exams and holidays are upon us and our support also concludes. The following are the dates, times, locations and school.







10 May

8.55 – 10.35

Haberdashers’ Askes Hatcham                                 


Uni Dosh

20 May

8.45 – 13.00

Globe Academy



7 June

8.30 – 12.35

Bonus Pastor Catholic College



14 June

9.05 – 10.45

11.05 – 12.45

12.35 – 15.15

Bishop Thomas Grant School


Uni Dosh


Members wishing to attend should contact Kruti Shah at MyBnk directly on 020 7377 8770 or at

The Charity

It has long been the tradition for Livery Companies to support charitable causes, and the Chartered Accountant's Livery Company is no exception. CALC (which stands for Chartered Accountants' Livery Charity an abbreviation of its full name - The Worshipful Company of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales General Charitable Trust) is the charitable trust established by the Company. Each year CALC gives approximately £100,000 to good causes, usually to ones introduced by our members, or to charities associated with either the accountancy profession or The City. We have a particular focus on education and on help for the disadvantaged. We like, where possible, that whatever we give to be such that it makes a significant difference to the cause or project concerned.

 Formal Objectives of the Charity

 The Charity’s Objects are widely drawn to support general charitable purposes:

  • The relief of poverty throughout the world
  • The advancement of education throughout the world
  • The advancement of religion throughout the world and
  • Such other charitable purposes anywhere in the world as are for the benefit of the United Kingdom community.

The Charity provides support within five main categories:

 1. Major funding to a lead charity, chosen from candidate charities recommended by Company members. Such major funding will be intended to continue for up to three years and might amount to say £200,000 or more in total. Ideally such support will be mainly directed to a project or projects to which the Company’s funding will make a real difference and will lead to a tangible outcome.

We will provide either capital or revenue support, as appropriate, and look favourably on innovation. The trustees only make formal commitments year by year, on the basis of regular reports received

We look particularly favourably on projects which will enable direct involvement of Company members. Information on the current project, support for MyBnk, is detailed here:

Special Project 2014 MyBnk  - How you can get involved

Update on MyBnk Project - 2016

2. Single donations to charities introduced by members of the Company after they have undertaken appropriate diligence. The Trustees believe strongly that it is important that introducing Company members should be personally involved in the project or organisation concerned. Again the Trustees will want to know that the Company’s contribution will make a difference and will support a tangible outcome. These donations are typically no more than say £5,000.

3. Recurring support for the Company’s affiliated military and cadet units – Royal Marines Poole (SBS Association), 47 Squadron Royal Air Force, and Harrow and Wembley Sea Cadets. Our support is always directed towards the welfare of personnel and families and towards non-military equipment.

4. Recurring support, usually of modest amount, for a number of charities connected with and supported by the City. Information about support for our City can be found here:

Support for our City

5. Bursaries for ICAEW members undertaking academic research leading to a PhD in a subject related to the profession. These bursaries are awarded to candidates selected after due process by a panel of Trustees and advising academics. Fuller information can be found below:

PHD Bursary Awards 2016

Donations given by the Charity

Donations and legacies

Giving to charity is part of being a Livery Company member, so it is good to report that of The Chartered Accountants’ Company’s 370 members, 250 are regular donors under Gift Aid, mostly by standing order.

The Charity’s Gift Aid declaration and Standing Order form can be requested from who will happily post one to you– the suggested annual donation amount is rough equivalence to the annual quarterage, say £300.

Annual donations of course are intended to be spent annually, on grants. Quite separately, over the years we have been fortunate to receive legacies from the estates of past loyal members – going straight to our endowment fund. In the last three years we have received generous legacies from Liveryman Stanley Samwell, Past Master and Past Clerk Gordon Kingsmill, Liveryman and Honorary Court Assistant John Clemes, Past Master Sir Douglas Morpeth and Past Master and Past Almoner Michael Renshall. Michael’s family also named our Charity as beneficiary of donations in his memory so that Michael’s total in memoriam gift to our endowment was probably the largest ever received. We are most grateful to all these old friends.

Please include a small legacy to our Charity in your will. Again, can send you a codicil format with the right words.


Pictures of children and the new school building at the Satya Bharti School, Dakha paid for by donations from CALC

We are only able to make grants to charities as a result of the donations by our members, past and present. All our members are expected to support CALC to some extent; some are remarkably generous. In addition, past members have enabled us to create an endowment fund in excess of £1m, the income from which is added to the donations received from members each year to swell the size of our donations. Over the coming years we want this endowment to grow to enable CALC to maintain and indeed increase its grant making in perpetuity.

Our first PHD student Catherine Lai meeting the Master Sir John Stuttard.


The Harrow and Wembley Sea Cadets receive donations from CALC

Some recent examples of CALC's grants include:

  • £30,000 to enable King Edward VI School, Witley to improve its pupils' internet access, a cause recommended by the immediate Past Master.
  • £25,000 to a number of Primary Schools introduced by Members to improve literacy and numeracy in these schools.
  • £15,000 to fund a bursary for a member of the Institute to study for a PhD in a subject connected to accountancy.
  • £10,000 to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama to fund bursaries for music therapy students.
  • £5,000 to MANGO which provides management accounting support to Non Government Organisations, mainly in the third world.
  • £2,500 to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal
  • £10,000 to £20,000 to other causes.

The Master's Charitable Project 2011/2012 - Pupils of King Edward’s School Witley using the network which CALC helped to install

How to Apply for a Grant

Causes that we support

Most of the causes that we support will be funded within recognised UK charities – but all will fall within our own formal charitable objects. We only support registered charities whose public housekeeping is in good order – solvent, with Charity Commission and Companies House filing on time. We are unlikely to support turn rounds.  There is no geographic restriction, but most causes supported will operate primarily within England and Wales. Grants will typically be in the range of £250 to £2,500.

The Trustees have a particular enthusiasm for supporting education for all ages, particularly in literacy and numeracy and particularly for the disadvantaged. Similarly the Trustees will look kindly upon projects related to disadvantaged children and youth. We are instinctively sympathetic to activities that should be state funded but are not, or those outside state funding.

Up to now we have not in any large way supported activities and causes particularly relevant to older people – such, it seems to us, is more the province of CABA. But our minds are not closed to the idea.

Causes that we do not support

We do not support causes that promote a single religion, political causes, animal welfare or medical research. We are unlikely to support individuals or sports events. The Trustees are unlikely to support  projects where the grant will not make a significant difference to the cause supported.

Procedure for application

The Trustees meet quarterly, generally at the end of March, June, September and December. They have a policy of considering all applications submitted and at face value. Apart from the need to complete a simple form for the purposes of identifying each applicant there is no formal procedure. If the Trustees require additional information or references they will make the appropriate request and they will seek out supplementary information in the public domain.

Completed forms and accompanying applications may be sent by e-mail to the Clerk to the Trustees or by post to Chartered Accountants’ Livery Charity, Hampton House, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3AW.

Applications from Company Members should be accompanied by a letter of support which should include disclosure of the involvement and interest of the Member in the cause to be supported.

The current CALC trustees and Contact


The Company’s Almoner, a Company Officer and Court Assistant, normally a Past Master, is chair of the Trustees. The current Almoner is Past Master Michael Fowle (Master 2013/14). The Master is a Trustee for his year.

The trust deed requires there to be at least three Trustees, without maximum. All Trustees are Liverymen, appointed by the Court. The Almoner is normally appointed for a single five year term. Of course, all Trustees are pro bono. Day-to-day administration is undertaken by the Clerk to the Trustees, a remunerated part-time appointment.

It is established practice that in addition to the Master and Almoner, the Court appoints three Trustees from its own number and, after seeking applicants, appoints three further Trustees who, at the time of their appointment, are not Court Assistants.

A Trustee is normally appointed for a term of three years, once renewable. It may be appropriate for a Trustee whose service is partly as a member of Court and partly before joining the Court to serve a third period.

Apart from the Master and the Almoner, the present Trustees are Richard Battersby, Adam Broke, Richard Dyson (Court), Richard Green (appointed to Court after becoming a Trustee), Andrew Popham (appointed to Court after becoming a Trustee) and Nigel Turnbull (Court).


The Clerk to the Trustees is Peter Lusty FCA, who is also the Company’s Assistant Clerk and Treasurer and may be contacted at or by post to Chartered Accountants’ Livery Charity, Hampton House, High Street, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3AW




Additional information