Dinner Reports

Winter Dinner - 4 Febraury 2016


The Apothecaries Hall, for those who've never been there, is one of the lovely old halls, dating back to 1632, when bought from the estate of one Lady Anne Howard for the princely sum of £1,800. Destroyed by the Great fire it was rebuilt in 1672.

All that said, however, it is not one of the most obvious or easy to find of Livery Halls. One senior Liveryman was heard to say that on the last occasion our Company had a dinner in the Apothecaries' Hall, he never made it to the dinner as his driver could not find the Hall. Fortunately he, and some 130 other members of the Company and their guests, found this delightful venue for the Company's Winter Dinner this time.

They were all entertained to a delightful night. The Master taking Wine with two of his uncles, who had travelled some distance to be with us. And the Junior Warden introducing two Liverymen who had been clothed that day.

The culmination of which was a reply to the Master's toast to our guests by Lord Curry of Kirkharle, the former Sir Donald Curry. It was he and his team who, he explained, initiated the one-in-one-out dictat for regulation and legislation in the UK parliament. He then went on to expand the 1-in-1-out to 1-in-2-out he explained, but confessed to have a serious issue with trying to persuade the EU to even adopt one-for-one. Sadly, even though as a self confessed died-in-the-wool farmer, Lord Curry will be missed as the monitor of regulations and one can only hope his successors keep the pressure on all Governments and Regulators to maintain the 1 for 1 policy at worst.