Other Livery Events

The Silent Ceremony is the occasion at which an incoming Lord Mayor is admitted to office and it always takes place on the Friday before the Lord Mayor’s Show. It is followed by the Presentation of Addresses and Mementos to the new Lord Mayor and to the two Sheriffs, who take office at the end of September.

This year, the Company was invited by the new Aldermanic Sheriff, Charles Bowman, who is a member of our Company, to be one of four organisations asked to present an Address or Memento to him. By virtue of this invitation, the Company was also allocated four places at the Silent Ceremony. This Ceremony is an amazing spectacle, being enshrined in the City of London (Various Powers) Act of 1959 and dating back centuries. It only takes about 20 minutes in total, it takes place in a full Great Hall at Guildhall and is witnessed by a complete representation of the Civic City. It involves the new Lord Mayor reading and signing a Declaration, being presented with the various jewels and other objects of office and requires numerous “reverences” (short bows), in fact 60 in total!

The Presentation of Addresses Ceremony takes place in the Guildhall Art Gallery and is attended by all those involved in making presentations and their guests. The other Sheriff, Dr Christine Rigden, also invited four organisations, whilst the new Lord Mayor invited eight organisations. In the case of Charles, in addition to ourselves, he invited his mother Company the Grocers, the Lime Street and Cornhill Ward Club and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

We presented him with a black leather bound Visitor’s book inscribed with our Coat of Arms and appropriate text for the occasion. The attached photograph shows a close up of the book.